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"Let's SKIT Crazy" with Christian skits by Fred!

Welcome to the web's most popular destination for quality drama, plays and skits!

Chances are you've found this site after searching the web for high-quality, Bible-based, original and fun skit scripts for you or your church's drama team to perform.

Well... here they are! Imaginative scripts that are excitingly -and refreshingly- different. And, incredibly, they're provided absolutely free of charge! How? By also making available awesome soundtracks you can purchase to make your performance much more exciting, professional, and effective!

This site is for you; the drama team director, actor or youth worker!

"Hi, thanks for stopping by!"

About The Webmaster, Frederick Passmore: Writer, performer and producer of the radio programs of several nationally-broadcast ministries, Frederick is also owner of the independant Sheep Laughs Records label and production facility. He has produced radio programs for D. James Kennedy, Michael Guido "The Sower," and Phil Waldrep, among others.

A veteran of radio for over 24 years, and a Christian comedian for over a decade (check out his work on the Comedy CDs page) , Frederick uses his writing, performing and audio production experience in creating these scripts and CD soundtracks for you to use!

So, the same laughs he gets on stage, performing in churches around the country, you can now get when you use the material!

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Here's A Fun Idea...

Got a videocam and a PC video-editing savvy drama team member ? Why not make a movie of some of these scripts?

Most of them would adapt themselves easily to being made as a film, especially those that come with a soundtrack CD with the music and effects supplied for you to mix in.

When it's done, show it on the sanctuary's overhead screen, and wow the congregation! A fun project that people will want to watch over and over for years to come. And they might even clamor for sequels!

Go here on my skit blog to see some films that others have made of my scripts, to enjoy and get some ideas.

Note: please read the Usage Terms on each script. Videos may not be sold, and each must have the copyright and authorship info in the credits.

Visit the Testimonials Page to see what those that have used scripts are saying!

Please Read This FIRST! How To Use This Site:

1. The scripts are free to read, print out and use on the Scripts Page. Click on the skit title or banner above each script description to access the skit.

2. Each of the skits have an accompanying soundtrack CD that will enhance your performance. Each script contains a yellow box near the top with the Soundtrack Info in it, as well as an audio preview of the CD.

Scripts that are: Encouraging... Evangelical... and Entertaining!

"This site is an answer to a drama leader's prayers!!!"
-Veronica Argueta, Brooklyn, NY

Equip and energise your drama team for the new year!

One of our best-selling items!

The Soundtrack CDs have proved to be so popular, that I have packaged them all together in one money and time-saving item! Called "The Ultimate Skit Kit," this binder collects all 22 soundtrack CDs, containing the musical and sound elements to all the scripts from this site, over 50 in all! Buy it on the Soundtracks Page and lift your drama team to an exciting new plateau of effectiveness and professionalism. And save big bucks at the same time!

Here's what one recent happy customer had to say:

Hey Fred,
I just received the Ultimate Skit Kit in the mail today. Thank you for sending it so rapidly.  I applaud your organizational skills!  This is such a professional package and quite impressive!
Also, thank you for providing such wonderful skits with sound effects that smaller churches like ourselves can afford with limited funds. 
May our Heavenly Father richly bless your endeavors, your life, and your relationships.
Danny and Martha Vergunst

"The proof is in the pudding," goes the old saying, but when it comes to the effectiveness of these scripts, the proof is in the performance.

The Testimonials Page is overflowing with visitor email comments about the scripts they have used from this site, to great effect. Every day I get emails from people informing me that they are using a script. Here is a recent example...

Hello Brother Fred,

We are using your hilarious script "Assignment: Hindrance" to open up our new "Impact Repertory Theater" company.  Your scripts are a gift from God and you truly have been anointed by the Lord in this area.  I searched high and wide for script sources, before I was led to your site and I am so glad that I found you.

As a former professional actor, I must say that I am quite impressed by the consistent quality of your work.  You have managed to get the message across in a way that is not "corny" and reaches the most sophisticated audience without shying away from the impact of God's Word.  We plan on using more of your work as our ministry grows and I will certainly let you know what and when, as requested. But I want to again say thank you, for sharing your gifts with the world by making your scripts available online.

Your fruit is evident, brother, in that many, many of the lost or backslidden will hear your words, laugh and unbeknownst to them, receive the seed of His Word, that will soon produce a great harvest in their lives. May God richly bless you and yours.

-Pastor Curtis Davenport
Impact Church, Charlotte, NC

To read many, many other emails, go here!

I recently did a survey of the hundreds of emails I have received informing me that a script is being used. I was pleased to find that many churches in ALL FIFTY STATES have used them, as well as over a dozen foreign countries. I'm truly thankful!

Click here to see a hit counter map of the world with the location of the last few month's visitors in red.

Just as an aside, the states that used a significantly greater number than the others are, in order, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio. Medium-use states are Illinois, California, Georgia, Washington and Florida. Maybe it's just that Texas covers a larger area, or maybe they have more drama teams, but it took first place in the number of churches using scripts from this site. Go, Texas!

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