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“The Crate Escape” Video

sheeplaughs   November 9, 2016   Comments Off on “The Crate Escape” Video

Sometimes I will see a video from a church performance of my scripts that just makes me proud! Here is a page spotlighting one such awesome performance, of “The Crate Escape.” I am providing these links to their YouTube videos in order to not only show what an excellent job they did, but to also inspire you and impart ideas… Read more »

Recipe For A Skit Disaster

sheeplaughs   February 11, 2016   Comments Off on Recipe For A Skit Disaster

Done right, with plenty of rehearsal time, commitment and effort, your drama presentations can add some delicious spice and scriptural flavor to your event or church service! Done wrong, however, they can be a stomach-churning, distasteful experience. There are many tips, advice, helps, etc., on this site, to support your performance of the scripts you find here. But this page… Read more »

Halloween Alternative Event Skits

sheeplaughs   February 11, 2016   Comments Off on Halloween Alternative Event Skits

Halloween… what’s a Christian to do with it? Some few, remembering their own innocent childhood fun, celebrate it with their kids, creating new memories. But generally believers fall into one of two camps. Either they ignore it, wishing it would go away, or they severely lambast it and condemn those that participate in it in any way. Neither reaction is… Read more »