Sheep Laughs Comedy Show #54

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In a nutshell: The featured comedians on Episode #54 are Bob Clark and Rick McConnell, Glenn Hascall and Isaac Air Freight. Also, Jeremiah’s Fish Story (Jon Lawhon)

A Bit More Info: Bob Clark regales us with his original song “The Little Book Of Jude,” an entertaining retro-fifties ditty with a “Beach Boys” sound, about a short book of the Bible that packs a big message.

Rick McConnell guests with an insightful and witty sketch about a man who brings his attorney to a meeting with a Christian friend who wants to lead him to the Lord, to make sure his rights are protected and his interests represented.

The classic “E. F. Bullish” skit by the sketch comedy group Isaac Air Freight is brought out of the “Comedy Archive Vault,” illustrating the small amount of attention paid to the words of Christ in comparison to those of worldly men.

Glenn Hascall opens the “Voice Closet” to reveal a brief humorous bit spoofing the “Geico” TV ads with a spiritual spin.

And “Jeremiah The Janitor” (Jon Lawhon) shares an amusing “fish story” about a crafty angler who shows a clever streak when he gets surprised by a game warden.