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Anyone listening for very long to the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is familiar with the skits and songs of “Prime Example.” There’s a reason for that; your host Fred Passmore was one-half of the duo! For close to a decade, this Christian sketch comedy team of Jon Lawhon and Fred Passmore entertained and blessed people with their unique brand of heavenly humor, both on radio and in person. This page is devoted to sharing the history and discography of the team, known as the “Prime Ministers Of Mirth!”

Jon Lawhon and Fred Passmore first met in 1980 in Savannah, GA when Fred moved there for a short time. During that time, Fred attended Jon’s church Bacon Park Assembly (now known as Radiant Life Christian Fellowship), and became involved with the drama team there, and got into skit performing with Jon at the monthly “Saturday Night Life” youth events that featured skits and music by the young people of the congregation. That time and place was particularly productive of creative individuals; Phil Stanton, one of the original founders of the Blue Man Group came from there, and was a long-time personal friend of Jon’s!

Jon and Fred’s friendship survived time and distance when Fred moved to West Virginia in 1981, where he got married, started a family, and went into radio. They collaborated on various comedy projects when visiting back and forth, creating recordings for Fred’s radio program “Lift-Off!” at the station where he worked (read more about that here). When in 1990 Fred was hired to produce the national radio program “Truths That Transform” by D. James Kennedy, and moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the position, he and Jon got together in 1992 to form “Prime Example.” Although still living in different states, they traveled to various bookings in hundreds of churches across a dozen states.

In 1996, Fred moved to Metter, GA to accept a position producing the “Seeds From the Sower” program by Dr. Michael Guido, and Fred and Jon were finally close enough to collaborate much more often, producing two comedy albums; “Comedy Skits And Songs,” and “Comedy Cookout.” Listen to sample tracks and buy either or both CDs by clicking here.

Their first radio release came in 1997, “Testimony Show,” on the Capitol Enterprises radio compilation, and met with much enthusiasm by gospel DJ’s who could relate to the message. In 1999 they released “Attack of the Monster Tongue,” their biggest hit, which went on to score the 79th song in the Top 80 as listed in the Singing News the month after it was released.

Listen to “Attack of the Monster Tongue” by clicking the player below.

Another great response was received by the Christmas release “The Great Church Robbery,” inspired by “the Grinch” story. It still gets airplay by request each holiday season to this day.

Listen to “The Great Church Robbery” by clicking the player below.

Next, in 2001, they released “The Pastor’s Barbeque” to station across the country, again on the Capitol Enterprises radio compilation. It also met with great response. They also created the one-minute comedy radio show “You Gotta Laugh!” which was sent out monthly to over 500 Southern Gospel radio stations. All of the songs mentioned here are available in script form with soundtracks for your own drama team to perform, along with many other skits and plays, at Fred’s site

Although the team no longer travels to perform (after a decade of ministry), Fred and Jon still work together on Fred’s radio show/podcast “The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show.” In fact, when you total up the minutes of new material they have done together as part of the program, it actually surpasses the amount of material they recorded for the Prime Example albums by several hours!

We started out this article with the revelation that Fred was part of the team that he features so often on the program; no secret there, he mentions it every time he plays one of their tracks. But, he had NOT been involved, would he still have featured them as much? Fred says: “You bet I would have… they’ve got some good stuff! Terrific stuff! Fantastic stuff!!!”

That’ll do, Fred… that’ll do.

Below are some of the newspaper articles that they were featured in around the country.

Below, an image of two great newspaper articles that were too big to scan and show, so this is a photo of them together.