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After recently adding the program to the Podomatic site, I got a support email that had what I think is a good suggestion: “Putting together a “promotion team” of friends and family to help share out your new episodes in social media can extend that reach further and make a great impact!”

I like that idea, so I am recruiting from my listeners, family and friends to join the team. It won’t take a lot of effort; just a moment to share on your Facebook page the programs that I post on the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show Facebook page, or here on the site. Or, share the humorous graphics I post, since they serve as advertisements also.

I can only do so much to promote the program, but having a promotion team will help me take it farther, to people not within my circle of contacts. If you like the program, why not become a part of the team and help share some smiles!

If you want to help me spread the word about the program through the simple act of sharing, please let me know I can depend on you! It will make a tremendous difference, and I will truly appreciate it.

Upon joining the team, I will add your name to a Facebook Message Group. When I post something I would like the team to share, I’ll communicate it through the group message. You don’t have to share everything I post to the group (unless you want to), I only ask that you share the posts containing new programs or spotlighted older ones.

Team members so far:

Patty Passmore
Jon Lawhon
Joyce Tedder
Gordon Douglas
Janice Thompson
Johnny Roberts
Wanda Sapp
William Miller
Mark Staggs
Kathy Sanders

Phone: 912-347-9579