Sheep Laughs Comedy Show #105

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In A Nutshell: The featured comedians are Scott Davis, John & Viccijo Witty and Mark Staggs as “Zeke.”

A Bit More Info: Ezekiel “Zeke” Haggen (Mark Staggs) is still subbing for his cousin Jeremiah the Janitor, and he busts in with a complaint about the difficulties of teaching his mother how to use her new smartphone and search engines.

Fred descends into the Comedy Archive Vault and brings out more fun from John & Viccijo Witty‘s 1980 record, a short but funny bit about a way that “Post-Trib” believers might go about surviving the Tribulation.

And finally, Fred highlights artist Scott Davis who opines humorously about the travails of long-term weight-loss and maintenance.

Click on the player below to listen, or download the program here.