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Welcome to the newly renovated and improved Christian Skit Scripts site: the web’s most popular destination for quality drama, plays and skits! Since this site opened in 2002, more than 20,000 churches (in EVERY state in the U.S and many foreign countries) have used our material. Our site has been visited by nearly 2 million people.

Chances are you’ve found this site after searching the web for high-quality, Bible-based, original and fun skit scripts for you or your church’s drama team to perform.

Well… here they are! Imaginative scripts that are exciting, and refreshingly different. Besides the ideas and execution, our scripts are set apart by awesome soundtracks that make your performance much more exciting, professional, and effective. Some are in our unique “Play/Act” format that means there are no lines to learn. Go here for more info about our Skit Trax!

This site is for you; the drama team director, actor or youth worker!

“Fred, I want to say that I loved your skits. Good humor; a solid platform for expanding to a Bible message; creative, imaginative and textured characters; not the standard cardboard moralisms; and you have great web pages!
I wrote and published plays for use in worship some thirty years ago — so I know the challenges of a good skit. Thank you for your effort, your humor, your commitment to the ministry of media. God bless you for your contributions to God’s Kingdom!”     -David Snapper

About The Author And Producer, Frederick Passmore:

Writer, performer and producer of the radio programs of several nationally-broadcast ministries, Frederick is also the owner of the independent Sheep Laughs Records label and production facility, which has produced music and skits heard across the country on the radio. He has produced nationally-broadcast radio programs for Dr. D. James Kennedy (editing interviews with hundreds of well-known and respected Christian authors and speakers), Dr. Michael Guido “The Sower,” and Phil Waldrep, among others. He also specializes in producing commercials and promos for radio stations, as well as producing and editing podcasts for others, in addition to his own, “The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show.”

A veteran of radio for over 35 years, a Christian comedian for over a decade (check out his work on the “Prime Example” history page), and operator of Sheep Laughs Records for over 20 years, Frederick uses his writing, performing and audio production experience in creating these scripts and CD soundtracks for you to use! Learn more by going here.

Do things seem different from your last visit here? Go here for a post about the “what” and “whys” of the changes and upgrades to the site!

Scripts that are: Encouraging… Evangelical… and Entertaining!get_them_excited_2

Sheep Laughs Records donates ten percent of our profit through online sales to the ministry of Holt International, a Christian organization committed to a world where every child has a loving and secure home. They help strengthen vulnerable families, care for orphans, and find adoptive families for kids. Find out more about their ministry and how you can become involved by clicking on the link above.


Dramatic Plays:
Our plays range from 20 minutes all the way up to 80 minutes. They are written to engage the viewer, make them think, to impact the emotions, and present the Gospel in such a way that they perceive it as meeting the needs of their life. The aim is to bless the believer, and give the person that has never made a decision for Christ a desire to invite Him into their life.

Comedic Skits:
Our skits range in length from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. While most are comedic in nature, using humor to impart a perspective that may not have been considered, the laughs are all tied into the message, and there is always a resolution that leads the viewer into consideration of the Truth contained in it. The humor can be enjoyed by all ages.

The soundtracks that we make to accompany the scripts add drama and emotional impact to the script’s performance. There are two different kinds of script and soundtrack; the kind where you do the lines live and the soundtrack is played at certain times during the performance; and second, the kind that supplies all the narration, music and effects mixed together to play as the actors perform, with no lines to learn. Each script description page tells you which kind it is under the “Soundtrack Key.”

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