About Frederick

A little about the author and producer of the scripts and soundtracks:fred01_3_13_small
Leaning on a Roman column adds a bit of timeless class, don’t you think?

My name is Frederick Passmore, and I’m the creator of the Christian Skit Scripts site, among others. My enjoyment of skit writing inspired the site, created in order to share them with others that might wish to perform them. I hope that you are enjoying the site, and maybe knowing a little more about me might give you a tiny bit more insight into it, so here goes.

I was born at a very early age in Macon, Georgia on October 14, 1958. Since my step-father was in construction and liked to follow the work according to the weather, we moved on the average of every four months. So as I grew up, I attended nearly 20 schools and lived in about 40 different places, mainly over the states of Georgia, Florida, and West Virginia, and Ohio. Consequently, with all the memories of all the different places, my young years seemed to stretch in my mind much longer than normal. Perhaps that is the reason I retain so much of it in my mind and heart now.

After a friend witnessed to me in high school, I accepted Christ, a turning point in my life that changed it forever, as you will see as evidenced in my career choices and creative expressions.

I met my wife Patty in West Virginia during a revival in 1979, and we married in 1981. After working at a secular job for a few years, I finally realized that radio and radio production was a major interest, so I began work at a Christian radio station in WV in 1984, the same year our daughter and only child was born, Melissa. I remained at that station, doing various things (production, promotion, announcing, etc.) until 1990. At that point I accepted a position with Coral Ridge Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and went to work for Dr. James Kennedy, editing and engineering the national radio program “Truths That Transform.”

While there long-time friend Jon Lawhon and I formed the Christian Comedy team “Prime Example,” and during the ten years of the team’s existence (1993 to 2003) we traveled on the weekends to over a dozen different states to perform in hundreds of concerts, and recorded two albums (still available on the Comedy CDs Page). Several of the songs showed up on the national Southern Gospel charts, (one rising into the Top 80 of the Singing News chart) and still get airplay today. Read more about the history of Prime Example on this page (link goes to another of our sites).

In 1995 I made available to newspapers and magazines the humor column “You Gotta Laugh!” It was carried in a number of national and local magazines. Prime Example also created a one-minute radio spot by the same name that played on hundreds of Christian radio stations.

In February of 1996 I was offered a position with the Guido Evangelistic Association in Metter, GA, editing all of “The Sower,” Dr. Michael Guido’s radio programs, functioning as radio producer, website manager, official photographer, DVD engineer and occasionally filming and producing special video projects. Dr. Guido passed away in 2009, and I no longer work full-time, but maintain the ministry website, social media, program CD duplication and radio program uploads.

I also do freelance production at home; the most recent was for Phil Waldrep Ministries new radio program, “Living With Joy!” If you need professional radio production for a project, call me at 912-347-9579 cell. If you would like exciting and imaginative radio spots for your business, group or event, call me, as I do freelance radio production for radio stations and businesses. Another bit of side work is editing the podcasts for a number of businesses in South Florida.

In 2002 I officially opened this site, Christian Skit Scripts, to supply skits and soundtracks for churches and drama teams. The soundtracks are recorded in my home studio and released on the Sheep Laughs Records independent label, which I had initially established earlier in that same year for the publication of our comedy CD projects. Since then I have written about 40 new scripts to add to the handful of ones adapted from the previous comedy albums.

Website creation is another specialty, so if you need a website created, call me!

My family moved to a home in Reidsville, GA in 2008 where I have a home office and production studio, and am now self-employed as operator of Sheep Laughs Records. (Go here to learn more about this company.) I spend my time duplicating CDs to fill orders, writing new material and creating soundtracks to go along with the scripts. I also occasionally accept bookings to perform my Christian comedy skits for congregations in the general area.

Among my recent projects was a weekly comedy/variety radio program called the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show. The soundtrack CD vocals are recorded digitally onto Mini-Disc, using an industry standard Electro-Voice RE 20 microphone in a soundproof isolation booth, then mixed with the music and sound effect elements using the Sonic Foundry SoundForge production suite. The professional sound is achieved with a large library of production music and sound effects.