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Scripts that are performed to our narrated sound tracks.

“The Jokers Of Jericho”

sheeplaughs   January 29, 2016   Comments Off on “The Jokers Of Jericho”

“The Jokers of Jericho” by Fred Passmore Synopsis: In a script that is performed without actor lines, only narration supplied on the soundtrack CD, Storyteller Grandpa is relating the Biblical events of the fall of Jericho to a group of children. As he speaks, our imagination brings it to life, and we see parts of the story acted out by… Read more »

“The Christmas Family”

sheeplaughs   January 27, 2016   Comments Off on “The Christmas Family”

“The Christmas Family” A Journey of Imagination and Hope. by Frederick Passmore copyright 2006 Synopsis: In a script that is performed without actor lines, only narration supplied on the soundtrack CD, a young crippled boy in a children’s home spends Christmas Eve listening to the Nativity Story on the radio. As his imagination pictures the scene, the audience sees it… Read more »

“The Ultimate Gift”

sheeplaughs   January 26, 2016   Comments Off on “The Ultimate Gift”

“The Ultimate Gift” Written by Frederick Passmore Synopsis: At a meeting of a technology company days before Christmas, three inventors present their inventions for the next year’s “Ultimate Gift.” In each of the three five-to-six-minute skit sequences, a way-out device is demonstrated that causes havoc on the group, with truly hysterical results! A cleaning lady that is present as a… Read more »

“The Legacy”

sheeplaughs   January 26, 2016   Comments Off on “The Legacy”

“The Legacy” Plot Description Page written by Fred Passmore copyright 2012 Sheep Laughs Publications Synopsis: Written primarily for Easter, but good anytime, this easy-to-do 52-minute script with narrative soundtrack presents a powerful message about Jesus’ obedience to His Father, and His atoning sacrifice, in the form of a dream of a young man on the verge of an important decision…. Read more »

“Redemption In The Wings”

sheeplaughs   January 26, 2016   Comments Off on “Redemption In The Wings”

 “Redemption In The Wings” by Frederick Passmore copyright 2009 Story synopsis: Christmas is nearing, and the play being rehearsed for the guests of a homeless shelter is looming as a disaster. Plaguing the director are problems she feels ill equipped to handle: the demanding actress playing Mary is a Hollywood diva sentenced to community service; the actor playing Gabriel is… Read more »

Skit Trax

sheeplaughs   January 24, 2016   Comments Off on Skit Trax

What are our Skit Trax? Put simply, Skit Trax are our audio tracks prepared especially for use with our scripts. “But,” some may ask, “why should I use one?” While the question may seem self-evident to some, to others, the idea of doing a skit to a soundtrack is a new idea, and they want to know how it works…. Read more »

“Christmas Leads Us Home”

“Christmas Leads Us Home” Story Page written by Frederick Passmore copyright 2013 Sheep Laughs Publications Synopsis: A new play in the “No Lines to Learn” narrated format, this script (approximately 50 minutes) deals with a mother’s difficult relationship with a wayward daughter, as well as her fears for the soul of a son in the military. A flashback to a… Read more »