The Ultimate Skit Kit


One of our best selling items!!!

Some drama directors, on visiting this site and seeing the unique skits and soundtracks available, just want it all! Especially for those churches, drama teams or ministries wanting to get all the scripts and soundtracks, this new item was created. It’s called “The ULTIMATE Skit Kit” and it will save you time and money!

You get a sturdy binder holding  24 soundtrack CDs, which contain the total soundtracks for 36 separate skits, with printed pages containing the CD track listings, for easy use and reference. PLUS, you get the Supplemental Skit Trax CD Vol. 1, a veritable treasure-trove of elements, containing the musical opens and closes to over a dozen of the remaining scripts that don’t have separate CDs. When you get this total package, you will have the music and effects for every single script on this site, over 50! (Preview all of the CDs by listening to the Audio Preview of each on available on each script page on this site.)

Also included is a CD-ROM containing all of the scripts on this site, in a convenient “off-line” version of the website. (Go here for a complete list of titles.) (PLEASE NOTE: The printed pages of the scripts DO NOT come in the kit: this would make a huge unwieldy notebook full of pages which you would have to take out and photocopy to use. The included CD-ROM scripts can be printed out as you need them, and as many copies as you need. This keeps down the cost and weight of the kit.)


The price for all this is just $160 plus $10.00 Priority shipping. This averages out to about $7 per CD. If you bought all of the soundtrack CDs separately, you would pay $480 plus shipping fees of $3.00 each. You’ll save $320 on the CDs alone, and $72 on shipping! When you purchase a Skit Kit, you are part of the Skit Kit Club, which means you can forever after order new CDs at a reduced price!

Order the “ULTIMATE Skit Kit” today and equip your drama ministry with the best tools available!
$160 plus $10 Priority Shipping: total of $170.00

Pay by clicking the payment button below. (You can use a Paypal account, or pay using your credit card. Look for the link that says “Don’t have a Paypal Account? Use your credit card or bank account.” Click on that to pay with a credit card.)

NOTE: The address you give MUST be where the Post Office delivers your mail. Priority Mail comes by the U.S. Postal Service and they DO NOT deliver to a street address without a mailbox.

 (Ships to U.S. ONLY. For Canadian orders, call 912-347-9579 for special arrangements and shipping fees.)

 Here’s what one recent happy customer had to say:

Hey Fred,

I just received the Ultimate Skit Kit in the mail today. Thank you for sending it so rapidly. I applaud your organizational skills! This is such a professional package and quite impressive!

Also, thank you for providing such wonderful skits with sound effects that smaller churches like ourselves can afford with limited funds.

May our Heavenly Father richly bless your endeavors, your life, and your relationships.


Danny and Martha Vergunst

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